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Dr. Mary Mason, MBA ~ Leadership Speaker & Consultant

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Mary Mason, MD, MBA specializes in empowering new leaders and physicians to elevate their leadership skills. Her unique approach combines the best of medical training with proven business strategies, equipping our clients with fresh perspectives and innovative problem-solving techniques. 

Discover a transformative journey that will fine-tune your leadership abilities, enabling you to tackle business challenges with the precision and expertise of a seasoned doctor. Unleash your full potential and embrace a new dimension of leadership excellence with Dr. Mary Mason’s guidance!

Business Professionals

Mastering Leadership Excellence: Unleashing Hidden Potential and Essential Skills for Success in the Business World​

Medical Professionals

Unlocking Leadership Brilliance in Medicine:
Empowering Doctors to Excel in Business and Beyond

Meet Dr. Mary Mason...
The Bridge Between Medicine & Business

Dr. Mary Mason, MD, MBA, is a distinguished professional with over 25 years of experience as a board-certified internist and Chief Medical Officer. With expertise in both medicine and business, she offers valuable insights for exceptional leadership.

Discover how experiences from the medical realm translate into lessons for business executives, covering crisis management, data-driven decision-making, and inspiring leadership. Unlock your leadership potential with Dr. Mary Mason’s unique blend of expertise.

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Think Like a Doctor, Lead Like a CEO

The MD Brain for the CEO Strain

In this captivating read, I dive deep into my journey as a board-certified internist, where I witnessed the incredible stories of patients firsthand. But that’s not all—I also bring to light my unique perspective as a retired Chief Medical Officer for Centene Corporation, a Fortune 25 company, armed with an MBA. 🩺💼

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